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When I came up with the concept of Heirloom ties, I thought about my dad and my father-in-law who both passed away some time ago and I realized that we had nothing to remember them by but some photos tucked away in a drawer that we only visit when we have to add other programs for loved ones that have passed away.


I thought that if I had something physical of theirs like a favorite shirt or jacket, I could make this into bow ties for myself and other family members. I thought how special we would feel wearing this and having the opportunity to honor our fathers.


Wearing this where everybody could see it and not stuck in a drawer at home. Your situation may not be that someone has passed away, it could be that you or someone you care about were given something that was very special such as a scarf from an aunt or uncle, or a blouse from your grandmother, maybe you have something you just can't part with, you love the fabric, the color, the style. These things can be handcrafted into an Heirloom Bow Tie.


And also, this would be a great conversation piece. You could be creating your family heirloom to pass down!! This is also a wonderful gift to give. What an awesome idea!

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Heirloom Ties

“A garment that lives forever”

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